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fila sandals 
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Inscrit(e) le : 14 Mai 2020, 06:27
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ÿþNothing ever fila women shoes since has been even remotely reminiscent of Rumba! So unique it is!not for the faint-hearted! I got a large bottle of the Balenciaga version as a gift many years ago. One whiff, and I said "ugh. " Way too strong for me. So it just stayed in my collection, not being used. Then last year, a clerk told me if you have any strong perfume, try spraying it on the back of your neck. I tried it whith Rumba and a few hours later, I liked it. Nice surprise. Glad I held on to it. This is big 'ol fragrance from the 80's! Big, brassy, bold, in yer face! Even the bottle and packaging screams BIG 80's... !!!!! First spraying amazing, big 80's, middle tones, big 80's but then comes the drydown and that is so gentle it's amazing too!

The woods have faded and are still there, but in a subtle way. When I sniff my wrists, I smell predominantly woods with a hint of overriding sweetness. When I smell the sillage, I smell the sweetness with the merest hint of woods. This really is a Jekyll and Hyde of perfumes. This perfume is deep and has a huge character - I doubt I can get away with wearing it, especially in this fila men shoes warm weather - but I really don't care, she is someone I'd love to associate with if she came to life. There's nothing superficial about her and I wish I could have smelled the original Balenciaga version. (ETA, the version I have actually is the original Balenciaga version. ) It's a very clever perfume and I've never smelled anything like this before.

I actually feel dirty wearing this RUMBA and am now fila shoes for men pining for a bath. Désolée! Rumba, my love!:) I will always love Rumba, reminds me of the careless times when I was a student! I had Rumba in the early 90s when it was signed Balenciaga. I got a big bottle today and nothing has changed! Still the same rich and sexy scent that I remember. It is made by Ted Lapidus, but apart from this change, all stays the same, the perfume, the bottle, the box. Wear it at night, on special occasions, or when you want to hypnotize your man: Sultry indeed this Rumba, but I'm not feeling the red and black dress "thing" that the ads here at Fragrantica are suggesting. More like the dance, a rumba, by the pool in High Society as Sinatra sings "Mind If I Make Love to You" to Grace Kelly. Rumba gives you the big fila grant hill rich debutante's bouquet, honey and fruits on the table and patchouli and leather in the night air.

And just like nature, it does not have a gender. So instead of calling it unisex, I'd say that this is simply genderless. Not even androgynous, just completely without any gender associations. The scent opens very sharply, a sharpness that will continue to exist through the entire ride, which really shouldn't come as a surprise, what with violet, violet leaf, vetiver and cedar. In its heart the scent becomes a bit softer and more forgiving, without ever losing its intense freshness. Happily this freshness is nothing like the freshness most are used to which usually comes from citrus - which I detest. No, this one is fresh like a forest is fresh; the light, misty air, the green leaves glistening with thick raindrops and dew, swaying softly in the breeze. Though this is not a light forest, it's a dense, deep, dark forest.

More aquatic, with a beautiful sea side breezy undertone.. nothing old fashioned about it!! I wore it all summer as it smells summery, still with a stylish vibe... Balenciaga makes quality perfumes!! It smells like the color, not in a suntan way, more like fresh air like the ocean, when summer is on its way out... sch a beautiful feminine interesting creation!! Balenciaga! Your perfumes are so unique and beautifully crafted! Paris L'Essence opens all green and violetty. Pretty, but in a fairies-and-elves sort of way, rather than a pink-party-dress-for-a-princess sort of way. Dainty and understated but a total work of art, nonetheless. As the perfumes dries down, a woody mossiness becomes stronger, but it also retains a subtle powderiness, and the violets never quite leave.

There is a hint of lemon and patchouli in the dying phases. I'm not a fan of patchouli, but here the lemon (which I LOVE, though it's not listed as a note)violet balances it nicely enough to not be offensive. I'm wearing Paris (the original) fila sandals on my other wrist, and find that one slightly bolder, a little more woody and a little sweeter (in a green kind of way!) I personally prefer the original, I think, though the two really are very similar and I'd be ever so happy to own either! (Still on the wish-list. ) Might I add that the bottle are just B-E-A-Utiful too?? Biggest criticism of L'Essence is that it only lasts around 2 hours on my (dry) skin. Otherwise, the story it tells is very beautiful indeed. This was my Image second Balenciaga I purchased and I was not disappointed!

14 Mai 2020, 06:48
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